How to success in bridal makeup?

Whether you decide to make-up alone or to call in a pro, it is better to follow some basic tips that will allow you to have a formal beauty that you truly sublime about you!

bridal makeup

1.The shades in favor and which to avoid
For a wedding, women usually want to see their beauty enhanced by makeup, be the best and see their camouflage imperfections, without feeling disguised The colors depend mainly on the choice of dress and its fabric. If one chooses a scintillating material, we’ll do a matte makeup. on the contrary, if the dress does not sparkles, we will go on something iridescent. To stay in the natural, we can use the full range of beige and “nude”, until light brown, and a lot of white, pearly, pink … we also rest on the idea of ​​”peach skin” with Too Faced peach for correcting imperfections. as is the sublime natural, forget the colors that are too “night” for example, the smoky eyes in black, purple or red. it also avoids the glitz at risk to give a style too “carnival”. ”

2.Makeup holding
Between the tears, the hugs, stress or dance … it seems difficult to keep a flawless makeup! Always set aside a backup because the makeup kit does not remain perfect throughout the day and ended up spinning due hugs or tears Most often it is the makeup of the cheeks and. mouth that does not resist. Contrary to popular belief, the eye holds well, unless the bride literally founded in tears. so remember to provide a kit with a priority, lip gloss, a lip pencil , blush and brush. We can complete all this by mascara and polish for touch-ups.

3.When to wear makeup?
Before or after the hairstyle? Everything depends ! The most explicit response with our expert: “If we make a bun, you have to wear makeup before step styling, hair is washed the day before necessary can make edits or add gloss just after If we must.. hair washing and blow-drying the morning, in this case it just after makeup. ”

bridal makeup advice

4.How to prepare the skin for the big day?
Dreaming of a peach complexion without imperfections for your wedding? We’ll have to work there a few weeks before … In the face is perfect, advises brides to have a healthy lifestyle before D-day, sleep well and drink plenty of water for the complexion either fresh and bright. It is also recommended to make a facial a few days before and allow time for the skin to rest. the day before, a good massage and a bath allow you to relax completely and get a good sleep.

5.Mistakes to avoid.
Dyed orange, redness, eyebrows too thick … so many details that can spoil your beauty set the wedding day. So to be sure to be perfect, follow the recommendations.

Urban Decay Naked On the Run !

I attend and am glad when I see your competition and this palette. being a big fan of urban pallets that are especially and with most I will be happy to add c it it to my Naked small screens which for me are great palettes I have never invested in a palette of neutral mac price draining me bit and I have to say with the naked basics and I feel more in all the envy. thank you for this contest and natural tone.

Urban Decay Naked

Super this video! I did not know that Urban Decay has released this new range! I participate in your contest because I dream of having, I go a lot on weekends right now and this is the perfect palette as you say :) Regarding the Naked range, I already have the Naked 1, 2 and the Naked Naked Basics, I love this must-have for me :) Naked 3 does not interest me too by cons, too many shades of pink!

Cuckoo Helen! I expected this video forward … this palette is really beautiful and the makeup is also made completely sublime! I participate in your contest, I never bought Naked palettes, because 47 euros to put in a palette I can not afford it as a student and broke haha ​​… and I admit that this Naked On The Run I like lot and I really want to test it!

The only one excluded the French, CLASS !! Personally, I am naked 1, last year I will kill for naked 3 and then finally I came back, I thought it would be great on my fair skin blonde with blue eyes, but in fact we just like I busted myxomatosis with pink blush.

Ben just me I have no product in the range NAKED and I’m a little tired, I feel looseuse on this one when I see your videos !! So as soon it is Christmas and I kept a child’s soul I think that can be very lucky you’ll be my father christmas and thanks to you and your blog I will have a nice gift that will allow me to attack 2015 is beautiful !!

Thank you for your videos especially this one that really allows to realize products and all we can do.

The Urban Decay Paris store is always open!

You know, they had planned to close on 31 December, to work and turn it into a final store.

And although the work we were pushed back in June, so we can continue to go to make up lessons or buy products Urban Decay (including those not found at Sephora – but exists also on the website of the brand). And then it will become a so for good shop!

The master classes are for subscribers via this site.


This is really great news! I had seen that courses were added to the site and I took the one on the smoky, this will be my third course (foundation naked, festive with Gwen Stefani pallet), and I really loved it every time.

I am delighted that the store is open longer and it becomes the final result because the makeup artists counselors are really on top!

It goes really fast. I was a bit skeptical given my wrinkles (57) and having almost no more eyelid and it works well. The girls were super nice. casual atmosphere, you feel good. They are really listening, and help you respond with love to the question. A really good time seems very short. I wonder if I will not try complexion. Why not ….

Here is a little record, if this can be useful ….

And the store is open to the public Wednesday to Sunday from 11h to 19h.
48 rue des Francs Bourgeois (Métro Saint Paul)