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Parallel Profits Review – Create Easy $7K-$10K Per Month?

Parallel Profits Review – Create Easy $7K-$10K Per Month? What is Parallel Profits All About? Does Parallel Profits Really Work? What is the new method from Aidan Booth & Steven Clayton? What Parallel Profits bonus do you get? Find out the answers in my best Parallel Profits review…

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Parallel Profits

Parallel Profits Aidan Booth to better Customer Service: Many companies have developed a customer service function. They are specialized in providing services to the client, answering their questions and trying to attract more to the company. Therefore, this job is one of the most difficult jobs in the company and the most sensitive because it deals directly with the customers of the company and any error issued by the employee towards the client May cause the loss of the client; the customer is the person who receives service from a company.

The employee in the job of customer service requires a lot of skill, accuracy and proficiency to be able to do his job to the fullest, as we know that competition in the labor market is very large, and trying to win customers is what causes the success of some companies, His job is to maintain the client and try to earn more.

The Art of Customer Service: How to Maintain Good Customer Relationships

✦ At first the smile must be maintained in all cases, especially if the client exists face to face, and even if on the phone, the smile shows its impact through the voice of the speaker.

✦ Use the quiet tone of the voice to adjust the nerves and rest, away from the high sound or any nerve tone in it.

✦ Do not offend the client even if he raised his voice or was angry, the task of the service provider is to absorb this anger and try to calm him to be able to understand with him.

✦ Try to use the name of the customer respectfully, rather than any other means of addressing, the name closer to the client and give him an atmosphere of rest.

✦ Use some of the words that enter pleasure in the heart and develop taste such as “allow”, “sir”, “do you serve a service” and so on; the client is only a person who loves respect and appreciation and the words of appreciation.

✦ Informing the client of listening to him and not being preoccupied with anything else or someone else; this will increase his confidence in the company and his desire to continue with it.

✦ Provide appropriate hospitality to the customer such as coffee and sweets and try to congratulate him on holidays and events.

✦ Stay away from arrogance and get away from dealing with any client; every customer may withdraw with him a lot of customers, and vice versa; the client may bring a lot of customers, and all depends on the service provided and the way employees deal with.

✦ Notifying the client of the ability to help him solve his problem whatever, and try to give him the alternatives that may answer what he asks, and if it is difficult to solve can be given solutions in the other sections of the company to try to achieve what he wants, it is important that the customer feels the firm confidence and strong They can protect and provide them with the services they desire most efficiently.

Benefits Of E-Commerce For Business Organization!

E-commerce expands the market to an international and global scale. With little to no cost, any 7 Figure Cycle company can find more consumers, better suppliers, and more appropriate, quick and easy partners.

Electronic commerce reduces the costs of establishing, processing, distributing, saving and retrieving paper information. For example, by creating an electronic procurement department, companies can cut administrative costs by 85%.

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle Results

Ability to create very specialized trades.

Electronic commerce allows inventory reduction through the use of the drawdown process in the supply chain management system. In the system of withdrawal, the process begins with the receipt of a commercial application by the consumer and to provide the consumer with his request through timely manufacturing Just-in-Time.

The process of withdrawal allows the manufacture of the product or service according to the requirements of the buyer and this gives the company a commercial advantage over its competitors. The biggest example is Dell Computer Manufacturing.

Electronic commerce reduces the time period between payment of money and access to products and services.
Electronic commerce causes reengineering of business processes. Through this change, the productivity of vendors, employees and administrators jump to more than 100%.

E-commerce cuts telecommunications costs – Internet is much cheaper than value added networks.

Other benefits include improving the image of the company, improving customer service, creating new business partners, facilitating operations, reducing time to send products and services, increasing productivity, eliminating paperwork, reducing transport costs and finally increasing flexibility in dealing.

The benefits of e-commerce to consumers: E-commerce gives consumers the option to shop or end their transactions 24 hours a day, on any day of the year and from anywhere on the Earth’s surface.

E-commerce offers many options to the consumer because of access to products and companies that were not available near the consumer.

In many cases, 7 Figure Cycle Review e-commerce will be one of the cheapest places to shop because the seller can shop around a lot of online sites and compare the goods of each company with the other easily. So eventually he will be able to get the best offer. While it is more difficult if it is necessary to visit each different geographical location only in order to compare the goods of each company to another.

In some cases especially with digital products such as electronic book, the electronic commerce enables the buyer to send the goods quickly and easily to the seller.

Customers can get the information needed in seconds or minutes through e-commerce. In contrast, it may take days and weeks to get a response if you request information from a concrete location.

Electronic commerce allows to participate in virtual auctions.

E-commerce allows customers to exchange experiences and opinions about products and services through online communities (for example, forums).

E-commerce encourages competition which means lower prices.

The benefits of electronic commerce to the community: Electronic commerce allows the individual to work at home and reduce the time available for shopping, which means less traffic congestion in the streets, which leads to reduce the proportion of air pollution.

Electronic commerce allows some of the goods to be sold cheaply, so that individuals who have material income can not afford to buy these goods, which means raising the standard of living of the community as a whole.

Electronic commerce allows people living in Third World countries to own 7 Figure Cycle Review products and goods that are not available in their home countries.

Electronic commerce facilitates the distribution of public services such as health, education and social services at a lower price and higher efficiency.

How Do You Increase Your Income In The Same Field?

How Do You Increase Your Income In The Same Field? No doubt you wonder every day how to increase my monthly income? Or how do I get additional income in the same area of ​​your job? There are many ways to achieve this goal, and today we talk about one simple one, and anyone can benefit from it in order to raise its income, and it starts from the same field of work of the current person.

The theory says: In every field there is an opportunity. Whatever your current field of work, there is always an opportunity to develop it, improve it, renew it, expand it and market 7 Figure Cycle in a new and attractive way, and what you need to do is a little bit of knowledge, awareness and creativity.

Some simple and deliberate changes can turn all scales in your favor, if they are on track.

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle Results

How do I increase my income in the same field?

One of the simple farmers wanted to raise his income. The farm products in which he worked were taken to the public market by the owner of the farm. They were presented there in a traditional way, and many of them were damaged and not exploited. The farmer realized that this was a real problem and that solving them was his chance. To raise his modest income.

After thinking, the farmer decided to contact himself with some agricultural traders active in the area, in order to sell them the farm products directly, and received some of the requirements and recommendations aimed at raising the quality and value of his products in the market, although he was not familiar with such requirements But he was determined to carry out his plan, which he hoped would transform his career forever.

In another step, the farmer went to the owner of the farm and convinced him that he would sell him the farm products, and that the owner of the farm would get the same profits as he had before. He was comfortable at home, and of course the farmer agreed to this offer, More time for his other work.

The smart initiative of this farmer turned him from a simple laborer into a trader of agricultural products, and so he was able to raise his income significantly for his former income. His income doubled several times.

What this farmer did is that he did not change his field of activity. He is still working on the same farm, but he changed his job and his way of doing it, so that his income is greater, and the advantage here is that he is still working in the sector that he understands and mastered.

7 Figure Cycle Review strategy can be applied in any area of ​​business, and what you need is orientation, seriousness, continuous learning and further upgrade your financial intelligence, and undoubtedly will bring you the right idea that you are looking for to raise your income.

IO System Review Does IO Software Binary Trading APP Works?

IO System Review Does IO Software Binary Trading APP Works? What is IO Software System All About? Is IO System Scam Trading Software? Find Out The Truth About in My IO System Review

IO System Review

IO System Through various historical stages, family businesses have played a great role in shaping the commercial supply of markets worldwide. Globally, family businesses account for 60 to 95 per cent of existing enterprises; however, there are few regions of the world where this is higher than in the Arab world. For example, research shows that more than 90 per cent of all businesses GCC countries are managed by family companies. Family businesses are the driving force behind most Arab economies and represent a large percentage of brands chosen by consumers. In this IO Software Review , First Counselor at Interbrand, addresses the characteristics of family business brands and sets standards for them through those that have not worked and others that have been successful and become an integral part of our lives.

IO System

IO System

Family companies differ from other companies, where everyone who has worked with or at a family company is aware that there are special forces in this system. It is a unique center with its own advantages and risks.

Family business brands face their own challenges. If these challenges are not addressed, they will become serious competitive barriers. Do you remember the catastrophic retreat of Gucci in the 1970s and 1980s, or the recent crisis in Hayat’s hotels, which was rumored to have been caused by a family dispute within the Pritzker family, or the family conflicts within the royal family of C & A?

Mohammed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, Honorary President of UAE-based Al Fahim Group, said in 2007 that “family businesses will increasingly have access to a large share of commercial activity, and therefore we need to be prepared to respond quickly and effectively.” Part of this readiness is the comprehensive comprehension of the process of creating and managing strong brands that support and protect the “family element”.

Unfortunately, the role of commercial discrimination within family businesses has always been the subject of study. Family business brands are inherently less familiar with how to deal with the media and usually do not disclose their internal results or activities, making their study more difficult. But given the importance of the role it plays in shaping the features of our economic systems – especially in shaping the commercial landscape in which all brands compete – brand owners have to be careful to learn from them.


Family businesses and commercial discrimination in the Arabian Peninsula

Many Arab brands have gained international respect and respect over the past 10 to 20 years. Other brands such as Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad have brands such as Jumeirah, Aramex, Aramco, Al-Futtaim, Al Jazeera, Orascom Telecom, and other companies that have become symbols of quality, dedication and stability for the region.

As in other regions, many leading brands in the Arab region and beyond have made steady progress in shifting from a quality symbol to delivering an identical experience across all customer contact points. As consumers in the Arab region become accustomed to growing purchasing power and a variety of options, it is noticeable that behind many of the most successful brands there is a family business.

It is interesting to note some common factors and patterns common to family businesses in the Arab region. Many of the most successful Arab family businesses have the following characteristics:

Their close association with their communities
Its concern for continuity and survival through successive generations
A deep awareness of the value of her reputation, where family members realize that they represent the name of the family company, whether they work or not.
Powerful and effective management of reputation
Specific participation in the company by large segments of the family is characterized by a sense of dedication and joint commitment, and usually reflects the family structure on the structure of the company.
These features are reflected in family businesses outside the Arab region, some of which may be a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Many large Arab family businesses – especially in the Gulf – have started their operations as agents or joint ventures with Western brands. This dynamic imposed an upward learning curve for commercial discrimination practices in the Arab region. Arab families have been able to apply the lessons learned from Western brands to the brands of their family holding companies. It has been able to transfer important market values ​​from the brands it hosts to the brands of its companies (leadership, quality, innovation, etc.). On the other hand, many international brands can attribute their success in the region to their association with a family company that is highly valued within the community. Across the Arab world, we can find brands of holding companies with a family name that provide quality assurance for the brands it owns in the region (such as Al-Futtaim (UAE), Nasser Bin Khalid (Qatar) and Kano Group (Bahrain).

In addition to the agent model mentioned above, there is a large percentage of strong Arab family businesses that have emerged in the region. These companies have traditionally focused on business activities from one company to another and currently manage large industrial groups. These families build strong companies but have not benefited from the lessons of trade discrimination from the strong alliances they have created with Western brands bound by certain practices. Despite their good performance, these are family businesses

You will need further development to manage the brands of its companies wisely in the future.

For these two IO System models as well as many other models of family businesses in the Arab region, we will illustrate some of the most important practices and best practices of commercial discrimination from all over the world, which apply particularly to family businesses.

Best practices of commercial discrimination

While trade discrimination is a complex issue, there are important lessons to be learned from some of the world’s leading brands. Here are some IO System factors to consider.

Strong brands have an obvious purpose or reason to exist. This clear goal distinguishes it from other brands and creates a sense of trust and authenticity around the brand. Typically, advertising is not expanded on the main purpose of the brand, but that is what drives the company’s success daily. Nike and its brand idea of ​​”winning” is a good example. This idea is embodied in the slogan “Just Do It”, and the idea works as a comprehensive concept under which all the products and services provided by the brand are embedded.
Leading brands know their IO System customers and strive to remain important to them. Strong brands show a high level of dedication to customer insights compared to other competitors. A great example of this is Philips, its focus on customer insights and brand follow-up to ensure that the concept of “logic and simplicity” remains important for many products and areas.
The best brands are consistent and consistent in their presentation of themselves. Offering a brand experience that repeatedly advertises the brand through multiple contact points. A great example of Apple‘s brand is Apple’s so consistent that products no longer need to carry the symbolic logo to be distinguished by IO System consumers. All the experiences with the brand and the points of contact with them are consistent and consistent, and the products continue from the new innovations the company’s main mission.
Leading brands include their employees as a way to deliver a brand. In addition to playing the role of ambassadors for their companies, strong brands are making great efforts to ensure that their employees are ambassadors of the brand when dealing with customers. A great example of this is the multi-department store Nordstrom, which specializes in fine goods in the United States. Employees are considered brand ambassadors and are empowered to follow any means necessary to meet customer needs and the IO System brand’s core value of providing a great customer service.
The leading brands of the past have been the leading brands of the present through readiness for leadership and development. McDonald’s has moved from a brand of size and prize to a fun-related brand and a space to celebrate life, youth and health. The IO System is a great example of a successful brand.

Roberto Santiago Online Shopping Center

Roberto Santiago Online Shopping Center. In recent times, there has been a proliferation of modern terms that are closely linked to the era of technology. Among the most important terms that have achieved a great popularity is e-commerce. There has been a high demand from users of the Internet. This is because of the advantages that impressed users, And effort. Where it indicated that online shopping has become as a means of well-being in the community, where the process of shopping online is limited to users of smart devices, only the Internet and networks.

Online shopping The online shopping point was one site only, and the site specialized in selling books. When online shopping became popular, the site started to develop and new sections were added to various types of goods. Over time, Online shopping has become a popular service because of the wide spread of the Internet and electronic devices, making it easier to access the materials you want to buy, lower cost, save time and effort.

Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago

In 2013, a special book was published about the world of online shopping, which was considered a reliable reference to all the information needed about electronic shopping. This book consists of ten chapters, in which the author talked about explaining everything related to electronic marketing. How to pay online The websites require the user to register on the site and fill in the form of personal information such as name, buyer’s address and credit card number. In turn, the sites deal with the user’s information with confidentiality and security. It is recognized that the websites encode the user’s data for the purpose of establishing security, protecting its information, and that there is a language protected from the snipers or Internet spies. This is during the process of purchase and confirmation. Mode of credit cards. The purchase begins after the buyer has browsed the sections of the site and chose the purpose to be purchased, transferred to the shopping cart or cart. The sites allow you to delete or add from the shopping cart. purchase confirmation site offers you a number of payment methods including credit card, or Paypal, or transfer through Western, and the newly launched payment service upon receipt.

Online Shopping Conditions E-shopping users should take the utmost care when dealing with them, so they must ensure that the shopping site is secure and highly protected; to protect their personal information from infringement, and the most important conditions to follow: (Https) instead of (http), where the (s) at the end of the first section points to Secure, with the lock icon next to the address bar. Ensure that the site is treated with SSL technology, which is a shortcut to Secure Sockets Layer. The task of SSL is to control data and confidential operations and maintain security. Ensure that the site encrypts data by encryption level is measured according to the number Maintaining all developments on the site of business records.

How to Shop Online:

Shopping Durable Goods Online If a shopper wants to buy a durable item as a computer in the usual way of a shop, this way he will pay a lot of money, and he will not have many kinds to choose from. By shopping online, you can get the best deals on computer equipment, which will not be available in traditional stores. Many people shop online every year for the cheapest prices offered and the variety of goods offered by computer equipment.

In addition to the opportunities, online shopping allows you to assemble the computer equipment the shopper wants and not the equipment that the seller imposes on him. It can also find on the Internet all the equipment it sets. The Internet makes it much easier for the shopper to use the resources available on the Internet to search for the computer to buy and to make comparisons between the different prices. We can find computers displayed at more than one site at different prices and the difference in prices may reach hundreds of dollars.

Steps to do when shopping online for the best deals

1. Comparing the various reports: The number of reports presented on the Internet on computers exceeds the number of reports presented for any other commodity. These reports can be obtained from publisher sites that specialize in displaying everything related to the computer. Study should be made of reports that compare and read multiple computer types. But it should be remembered while reading that writing these articles and publishing them through the Internet and access to the shopper takes a time of up to months, which means that the articles may not be a bit accurate and may be marketed a computer with the latest specifications than those read in the article at a better price. And the study of reports on more than one of the sites of magazines and books on the computer and Internet sites, the book may be biased and express in these reports their own views, which may be with or against a particular type of computer equipment may not agree with them.

So it is advisable to go to more than the Internet sites to form a neutral opinion of the exact type to be purchased. We can also come across websites that offer free reporting, but there are some sites that charge tuition fees for old reports. But you will not need to pay money because we will not need such old reports which are usually about items no longer offered through the Internet, we may have to pay money if you buy a report on a particular type of computer, if the report has been published since several Months for a commodity are still available. Hundreds or even thousands of websites offer computer equipment and depends on the positioning that will be handled on the type of equipment, its technical capabilities and the price that a shopper can pay. Although there are many sites selling computers, but can be classified to the sites that are dealing with the producer and the sites of large stores and auction sites and sites of liquidation and sites selling surplus goods. A shopper may have a motive to prefer to buy from one site to another than these sites. Many computer equipment manufacturers are producing their products on the Internet, giving the shopper the opportunity to market equipment at a lower price than retail. Sites also allow him to assemble the equipment he wants for the computer.

2-Browse the sites selling computers. Hundreds of large online stores allow you to shop for different types of computers and equipment from different companies. Some of these sites provide advice and the possibility of comparisons between different species.

3 – Online shopping from auction sites. Computers can be bought on regular auction sites, on auction sites that specialize in selling a computer, or in the auction section on large department stores specializing in the sale of computer equipment.

4 – Use the online shopping agent to get the best deals. You can not visit all the Internet sites dedicated to selling computers and equipment. It is best to use a shopping agent to study the products to be purchased and to make comparisons.V

Visit the agent’s website and enter the specifications of the products to be purchased. The shopping agent will conduct a study on all the sites and inform you about the prices displayed on each site and information about the store methods used in dealing with shoppers, such as the terms of guarantee available. one day . Thus the shopping agent provides a lot of time and money. Not all shopping agents study on all online selling sites. It is best to use more than one shopping agent. Now the best shopping agent websites are special about studying computers online.

Tips For Starting A Successful Project With HB Swiss

Tips For Starting A Successful Project With HB Swiss Always trying to own some money whether this money a lot or a little investment because investing money is the best way to increase, and this takes us to commercial projects as it is a way of investment, and the question is more important Can I create a HB Swiss project or success will not be my ally , Let me tell you that this depends on the number of factors you should put in your mind before starting so we have collected many tips that will get you in the way and draw your attention to the important things you should take into HB Swiss Review account about starting your project.
How a successful project works
How to start a small project and shop for it
Invest money how to start simply

successful project

Tips to start a successful HB Swiss project:

1. In the beginning, before you decide what HB Swiss project you are going to do in a currency, you must first determine what you want to work in. If you see yourself that you like this work, make sure you are creative and develop as much as possible, but you must have sufficient capital For this project, and this is preferred because if you start a project with capital borrowed from someone who does not feel the value of your work then because any project at the beginning of the return of a small return of money and then you will not work because all the money you have from the project does not cover your debts, and then you will feel like you work without Any exchange.

HBSwiss Trading

HBSwiss Trading

2. When taking the decision to start the project must be in something you love because if you love it will complete even if the input at the beginning of a few, but with your work and your development and you will find the largest income future, and this is what I do (do what you love).

3. One of the most important things that you should care about is the appropriateness of your project to the place you will evaluate the project, because if the project is not suitable for the place certainly will fail because you will not find the demand for the goods that you provide.

4. Study the project well, then make a detailed study of all the HB Swiss capital that you will need to establish the project, and choose a suitable and appropriate place to evaluate the project in order to get quick success, God willing.

5. Try to avoid partnership at the beginning because it often brings problems and this is the experience of many people who have set up projects with the participation of their friends and the failure of their ally in the end, independence in the work make you free yourself and your business is free for you.

6. Most of the big companies in the world bought it with their strong management. If these companies do not have these managers, it would certainly have been their failure. You have to take care of your project management and do not underestimate it completely, because it is very possible that the project falls under weak management. And strong builds on a strong basis, make your management of your project strong and built on the knowledge.

7. Invest in your HB Swiss project and do not skimp on it, and this is the point of distinction between growing up and going on and staying the same for a long time. Always keep an amount of profit to develop work and open up new markets.

8. Interested in the stages of your product or service and developed stage stage from the beginning of production and ending with the service of customers and do not forget between the stages.

9. Give all the right and do not skimp on your employees because the employee who feels safe and is estimated to give the work right and this will help you achieve the desired results of your project.


Do not proceed to start your project before you know the market and do a study of the full feasibility of the project, and then start implementation step by step to achieve success, God willing, do not neglect your project after it began to achieve results, but invest more to become bigger and bigger.

How to start a small project and shop for it

Many of us dream of becoming a private legitimate, through which we can develop ourselves and improve our standard of living and bring a lot of money so that he can live HBSwiss life. Many of us have a great burden and endless commitments. These commitments need the money so that they can accomplish it. To be achieved through many ways one of these methods is to own a project, so we will explain in this article how you can create a project and what steps are necessary for this and also ways to market the products and goods that will be produced.

small project

How to Start a Small Business:

1. One of the most important things that you should be interested in when thinking about the beginning of a project is to be a project within your knowledge and knowledge of the field in which you will work in order to simplify development in a faster way, but you should not receive because the financial income at the beginning is not satisfactory because of salaries Employees or expenses on the same project do not feel you get the money but with continuous development and hard work will see the results after a period of time, depending on your work in the project and the extent of your development.

2. Choosing the right market for your competition You do not want to choose a market for strong competitors because you will not be able to compete with them, especially since the project is in the beginning, but it is preferable to choose a small competition market at the outset and to expand with time and develop your own business so that you get good revenue.

3. A good feasibility study for the project, meaning that you must identify all the money that you will spend for this project. You must also set a specific time for the project. You should also set up marketing funds for the project and products that you will produce. The parts that carry a high cost in the feasibility study in general.

Notes When you start your HB Swiss project:

1. You must be patient because any project at the beginning does not make much money, but measuring the success of any company in the first full year is that the revenue is equal to the expenses and with the continuous development of the project will increase revenues for expenses and thus will achieve the success that you were dreaming.

2. Do not prefer to borrow for the beginning of the project because you will feel that you will not get any profits because all the income will be spent in the payment of these loans, so it is preferable to start your project with capital available to you currently does not require that the project is large at the beginning but must diligence and full time to You can develop and expand and get the money you want.

3. You can ask for financing from some investors to start the project, which is against a certain percentage of profit and will not happen unless the project is guaranteed and the feasibility study is sound to the extent that it can convince the investor who will invest with you.

How to shop for the project:

There are some ways through which the marketing of your project and also there are ways are not quite expensive and then you will get the largest number of followers of the project and products that produce and if they are impressed certainly will buy, these methods are:

1. Free advertising sites: There are some sites on the Internet that allow you to put an announcement for your project in it and then will watch and follow many people and these sites have become widespread and large these days. All you have to do is search for free ads.

2. Create a blog for the project: In most cases it is free and this is in case if you can not create a website for the project, but the blog should appear professionally so that it gets the admiration of your followers, in addition to all your products, The location of the project must be determined so that people know about it.

3. Create a mailing list for the project: Customers should know everything that is new in the project to encourage them to benefit from the services and products that they produce and provide them, as well as their importance and how they can be used.

5. Social networking sites: Most of the world is now involved in social networking sites such as Facebook and a lot of similar Money sites. You can create free pages and reach as many customers as you can through it and then shop directly for them.

6. Communicate with the Chambers of Commerce: They are rooms that allow you to communicate and also reach as many people as possible, as they speak in many Arab and foreign markets, also can provide educational offers to you and financial support provided that you study the conditions first, Lots of marketing skills and how to deal with customers.


We have explained how to start a profitable small business and also some observations that you should keep in mind that you should do so that the project has the greatest possible access to your potential customers, as well as some of the marketing methods that you can follow. Of the products or services you provide.

6 Steps To Save Money And Maintain Your Salary

6 Steps To Save Money And Maintain Your Salary Saving money is easier when you do it with happiness and satisfaction. You should know that the average per capita income is 5.7% of income when you do so without pressure and deprivation. “We prefer to think about ourselves in a logical and causal way when it comes to money so our actions are psychologically and passionately the problem,” says one of the financiers Jakob Timmons. “The more money we need and the more we need it, the harder it becomes to save it and become a source of misery for our university. The article contains a set of mental ideas that help save money easier with a sense of happiness and satisfaction

Saving money

Steps to help you save money

1. Focus on “why” you want money and not “how” you get the money:

If you want to get more money all you think is how cleverly you should follow them to get the money. But a study that focuses on the “reason” of raising money or the goal of saving it, such as buying a new home, a new car, or a trip, can save money more easily than those who concentrate on just getting money

Saving money

Saving money

Studies have shown that focusing on the way all money is made can cause confusion and inability to make the right decisions to implement your plan to save money. Plans and decisions are always correct when the author has an open mind that knows exactly what goals he wants to reach and this can not be achieved by focusing on the means


2. Harness Your Energy:

According to a research at Stanford University, the more powerful you feel when making financial decisions, the more money you can save. Before you sit down with a financial advisor and before you go shopping before you buy this shirt or meal or this electronic device, try to think carefully about the reasons why you will do it and what is most important to you and will you really benefit from it? Is it so special to pay this amount?

3. Write down your goals for which you save money:

One of the simplest means is that you will make a difference with you. Instead of just thinking about your money-saving goals for writing, research has found that people who write their goals can achieve success more quickly and 61%

Writing will help you keep track of your mistakes and see how you are progressing in a practical way, making you feel the achievement you may need at times to encourage you to continue and give your mind a strong signal that what you are doing is paying off in the real world


4. Make money saving you happiness:

Deprivation, spending less, economy or austerity never seem to have happy words on the ear. But do you feel that feeling bad about saving money makes you gather faster?

We assure you that whenever you feel bad about saving. So try to experience the opposite feeling. Try to enjoy saving money as much as you can and you will see that it makes collecting money easier and faster. This starts by specifying a day of each month or week so that you calculate the amount of money saved and the percentage of increase, which gives you some sense of reassurance that you are on the right track and will reach your goal soon enough to make you feel happy

5. Place a time to raise money:

It is difficult to make a decision to stop saving this percentage of money if you decide this yourself. Then you should ask a friend to help you stay on your goals. Where it is useful to show your goals on your friends and save money for them to tell you what to do for example after the first 20 days of entry and so on with the rest of the goals so as not to be just raising money is your main goal

6. Narrow your concentration area:

It is important to focus on achieving each goal on one hand. Focusing on implementing one plan is always better and faster in implementation. Implementing more than one threat at once involves entering your mind in an endless stage of thinking that may lead to misery or failure. Think only of your ability