High School Puts Out Disturbing Physique Awkward Video To Outline Prom Dress Code

In adjustment to accomplish an all-encompassing prom dress cipher on students, Cleveland High School in North Carolina, appear a physique awkward video that will actively enrage you. Acceptance were recruited to act as a console of board to “vote” on photos of prom dresses, Daily Mail reports. Photos of models were apparent and the console absitively which junior prom dresses were appropriate, and which were disgusting, vulgar, and base – or at atomic that’s what the video suggests.

The video wraps up with an angel of the allegedly inappropriate senior prom dresses. The models’ breasts, thighs, and lower backs were censored by atramentous confined – even if they were absolutely covered by the dress – while the army yelled angrily and a loud siren played, as admitting the changeable physique locations were committing a amiss crime. After the image, the board and admirers bankrupt into a absolute anarchism (a affected one, of course) civil that if a babe exposes her body, the next analytic footfall is violence.

Greer Grammer Present with a Prom Dress Made for Cinderella

Get your tissues ready: The fifth and final season of MTV’s hit series Awkward premieres tonight, and it follows the senior class – and all their drama and tears – through those oh-so-magical high school milestones, including, of course, the prom. We caught up with Greer Grammer, who plays resident cheerleader Lissa, to get the scoop on her character’s “poofy” prom look.

“Lissa gets to be in charge of running the prom committee,” Grammer says. “So she throws her version of the most perfect prom ever, which, as you can imagine, involves lots of rainbows, sparkles, and a giant pink castle.” Aside from cotton candy clouds, Lissa also takes her gown to extreme lengths: “It was basically a dress made for Cinderella,” she adds. “Blue, corseted, and puffy, and I wore it with white gloves, my hair in a bun, and a tiara.”

Prom Dresses Made for Cinderella

As for her own senior prom experience? “I never actually went to my own!” she says. “I went to with my junior prom dresses, and I went to a friend’s senior prom in Tennessee. But I wasn’t the girl who went out and bought a new dress for prom, I wore one that I already had.” Sounds like a look we can get on board with!