Prom Tutor Laura Marano Wants to Dress Teens for Prom

Laura Marano has made a name for herself on the Disney Channel, where she played Ally of Austin & Ally since 2011. Now that the show has finished filming, the 19-year-old California native is not slowing down. She has a record coming out on Big Machine Records early next year, she just picked her new single that’s set to drop soon, and she teamed up with Sherri Hill to curate a collection of Sherri Hill prom dresses set to hit shelves in January, something her Disney Channel compadre Bella Thorne has done in the past as well

So why, with everything else going on in her life, did she want to turn her attention to helping other girls feel like prom princesses? Because she freaking loves it. “I am so qualified to help collaborate on a prom collection,” she explained. “I didn’t just go to prom. I went to three different proms, I did a movie about prom for Disney, and I did an Austin & Ally episode about prom and another episode about going to prom. I first went as a junior. I have gone with a date. I have been with friends. One year, my inspiration was Barbie, and I rocked it. Basically, I’m a tutor.”

Therefore, her collection for Sherri Hill – which she models, as seen below – features only pieces she’d wear herself. “The main point of prom is to look and feel like royalty, so you have to go with a designer prom dress that makes you feel that way,” she said. “I wanted the dresses to look sleek. Also, I love jewel tones, and my favorite color is red, so I was sure to include that.”

Red Sherri Hill Prom DressesBlue Sherri Hill Prom Dresses

Black Sherri Hill Prom Dresses